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What Happens In A Consultation?

This is very much dictated by what the homeowner needs. All of my work is 'client-led' which means I tease out exactly what I think you want.

Some people need help with just colour, layout, or storage perhaps and others need a complete re-design. This is usually what’s included in the initial consult:

  • Getting to know you and the people that live there; about your lifestyle and how and when you spend your time at home

  • Seeing the rest of your home to make sure the room(s) will be in keeping with the rest of the property

  • Discussing the brief for the room(s) in question, how and when you will use it, what are the current problems, any existing furniture or furnishings that will be staying and what needs to be added

  • How you’d like the room(s) to feel

  • Budget constraints and pricing

  • Timescales

  • Site survey and photography of the space

  • Discussion about initial design ideas, colours, finishes, style….


Some people are happy to take my initial ideas and continue with the work themselves, others need more help and wish to proceed with further design work which is charged by the day. A consultation is a stand alone appointment which does not always guarantee further work. 

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