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Your Interior Expert

Christine Schumacher

Interior Designer

Home is a love letter to yourself!

Surround yourself only with items you really like.


It's so nice meeting you!

I’m Christine, an Interior Consultant and want more people to experience how a personal and holistic interior has a great impact on their well being.

Passion, Respect and Inspiration...

After almost 20 years in the furniture industry, I took the step to start a new business and crowned my already existing skills in interior design with an education as an interior designer. Since then I have been indulging my passion as an entrepreneur and create with my Localia. Interiors. your very personal dream home. The enthusiasm and joy of my clients in the newly designed room, office or whole house is my incentive, motivation and sparkling inspiration as well as pure happiness! I meet you and your ideas with a lot of empathy and respect, so that your upcoming project can develop with a lot of confidence. 

I have great respect for my customers, because they open their homes to me and answer many specific questions (what was, where should it go, how should it feel?). I do not create a design which I then simply implement in your house, but work directly with you. YOU are my inspiration. You, your life, your belongings, your living space.

I'm a body language scanner, tone checker and above all your mate. I'm here to encourage you and push you a little bit more than you might have wanted to, not in terms of money, but in terms of design. We'll get your apartment just the way you wanted it. Only better.



I love to find special, sometimes odd living accessories and furniture, finding them at flea markets, at small and large design fairs (meeting the makers!), in unknown cities or even searching on the internet. When I am not on the road for a project, my home is looking forward to the growth of very special trouvailles...

Good Design For Everyone...

My interior designer philosophy is that good design and a beautiful tasteful home are not deprived of the so-called "High Society". On the contrary! Everyone deserves good design. In many cases a few simple steps or small changes are enough to make a room look completely different. Moreover, the furnishings should grow: not buying everything at once can bring refreshing new ideas!

Your Time Saving...

Also, I have to say that interior design is not as common in our side of the world as it is in the USA, for example. Many people mistakenly believe that the inclusion of interior design advice only causes costs. Instead with this service, you can save yourself from making the wrong purchases and, in addition to your new feel-good retreat, you will also save a lot of time.

This Is My Home...

And of course, I not only make home decor and design for my customers, I live on it too!

In my private apartment you can find Freddie Mercury (unfortunately only in a beautiful painting, not in person haha!) hanging next to a Guinness sign, a big old wooden table with different chairs around it, a console that looks like an ostrich... and actually a lot of other birds made of different materials.... A little irony and a wink at the furnishings can be like the salt in the soup. It reflects completely my personality.


My life is beautified and enhanced by traveling (being independent, exploring and discovering, beautiful landscapes, nice holiday apartments, being a big fan of Ireland, savoir-vivre in France and dolce vita in Italy), music incl. small fine live concerts, design & architecture anyway, of course my love in Stuttgart, meanwhile my second "home base", my dears and friends, my assistant alias cat Miles, a lot of laughter and the pleasure of my job.

Now, let's make your own space magical, shall we?

Interior Design Sarganserland_Zürich_Lo

Thanks to her tips and ideas, we have realized things that we didn't even know before that we would love afterwards. 

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