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Discover Your Unique Interior Style: A Guide

A cozy and inspiring home is more than just a place to live - it should reflect our personality, preferences and way of life. But how do you find the right style that suits you and creates a harmonious ambience? In this blog post I share some tips and suggestions that will help you on your own interior journey to discover your own interior style.

A sofa with cushions, above it a mirror with interesting reflections, blue wall, eucalyptus, red staircase.
Photo credit: Haute'Xposure, Interior Concept: Localia. interiors - a rental apartment in Zurich transformed with strong colors
Your home should be a love letter to yourself!"

says Christine, Localia. Interior

In my onboarding questionnaire (this is always at the beginning of a project), I would like to know from my clients which style they like. And I keep noticing that this question often causes problems. Do we necessarily have to like a trendy style? I say no. It is more important that client's own style is met! I also find a mix of styles wonderful! My suggestion: let's ignore trends and look for your own interior style!

My following guideline will help you with that:

1. Reflect on your personality and look around!

Before you jump into the world of interior design, take some time to reflect on your personality. Are you more minimalist and modern, or do you prefer the rustic charm? Are you creative and colourful, or do you prefer a calm and neutral atmosphere?

Your interior style should reflect your identity, so make a list of adjectives that best describe your personality. Words bring diffuse ideas to the point. That's why it can help to express in words how you like to live. A keyword cloud helps: by circling the appealing words, a rough guideline for your own style of living emerges.

Look around! - A state analysis

What do I like anyway? Answering this question is often not that easy. It helps to take a closer look at the things that surround you: what's in the closet, for example? If you collect your favorite pieces, your personal preferences for patterns, colors and shapes become clear. Your own style is also evident in other favorite pieces such as vases, cushions or works of art.

2. Gather inspiration

Search magazines, Pinterest, Instagram and other platforms for ideas and inspiration. Create mood boards or save pictures of rooms and furnishings that you like. Over time, you may recognize patterns that indicate your individual style. All ideas are allowed on the furnishing style search. So you can start collecting intuitively. Magazine snippets from fashion, art, living worlds, photos or other found objects such as fabrics or flyers provide material. The Internet also offers an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration, for example on blogs or in the lookbooks of your favorite manufacturers.

Can you find your common thread?

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3. Consider your lifestyle

Your interior style should also be practical and fit your lifestyle. For example, if you like to entertain, an open and inviting design makes sense. However, if you're an introvert who values quiet and privacy, a cozy retreat might suit you better.

4. Colors and materials

The choice of colors and materials can have a major impact on the style of living. Think about which color palette you like best and which materials support your desired atmosphere. Warm wood tones, for example, add a rustic touch, while clean lines and cool colors create a modern look.

Pro tip:

Use some black in all rooms (for example: black chair legs, black sofa legs, a black vase).

The black is like salt and pepper in a soup and gives depth and structure to your home.

Material samples: wood (walnut), metal and linen fabric
Material sample for coordination for an interior project by Localia. interiors - Photo credit: Kati Photography Zurich

5. Mix & Match

A unique interior style is often created by cleverly combining different elements. You don't have to commit to a specific style, you can mix different styles together. A vintage piece, for example, can look good next to modern furniture and create an exciting contrast. Breaking style is absolutely allowed! Do what makes YOU happy!

6. Homemade and personal

Add a personal touch to your home by incorporating handmade or cherished artwork, photographs, memorabilia and, if possible, vintage pieces. These personal elements make your home unique, tell your story and bring structure, authenticity and liveliness

A yellow van on the side of the road surrounded by high mountains
Do you love to travel and maybe bring nice souvenirs with you?

7. Step by step

Creating your home style is a process that evolves over time. It's okay to start small and make changes little by little. Set yourself clear goals and work towards making your home the way you want it, step by step.

Pro tip:

I also recommend that my clients let their interiors grow. Of course, the budget always plays a role in a furnishing project. Therefore my tip:

If the object of desire (e.g. a designer chair) seems too expensive at the moment, it's better to wait a little longer and buy the decorative piece at a later date.


So you won't be disappointed and you don't have to upset yourself about a bad buy, you can continue to enjoy the anticipation and then really buy what you will be happy about for a long time. An investment in design classics is almost always worthwhile, as they can be easily resold later if necessary (unlike furniture that is expensive but not design classics).

Old Persian carpet, stool, fabric
Vintage carpet in a client project in Zurich. Great in color and fits perfectly into the otherwise modern interior. Photo credit: Haute'Xposure

8. Listen to your gut feeling: Ultimately, your gut feeling is often the best guide. If you stand in a room and feel comfortable, then you are on the right track. Trust your instincts and be open to adjustments as you discover your own style of living.

Finding your own interior style is an exciting journey that takes time and patience. Enjoy the process of experimenting, discovering and creating. Your home is the place where you can relax, be inspired and express your creativity. Cheers to your own style!

Are you ready?

If you're just not sure or don't have the time and muse to deal with your own style and interior: Let's team up! I am very happy to be your sparring partner and partner in crime so that we can take your home to the next level:

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