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"Better Call Christine" - Design Talk

1 hour creative brainstorming via video call with Localia. Interiors



Ask the interior design expert for advice!

Hi and welcome to "Better Call Christine”, our new service dedicated to providing you with instant support from our interior expert, Christine Schumacher from Localia. Interiors.


This service is tailor-made for you if you:

• Seek a second opinion on the feasibility of your ideas.

• Want to bring your apartment to the next level.

• Need guidance on whether to invest in a new sofa or simply add a new armchair to your existing setup.

• Have specific questions about your interior design that you'd like to brainstorm with Christine.


For an entire hour, Christine is at your disposal for unlimited creative brainstorming. Discuss with her your interior design questions, eliminate uncertainties, share your crazy ideas and get a real opinion from an experienced interior design expert without breaking the bank. Our time-saving, and cost-effective interior design service offers creative brainstorming solutions for your home.


"I am thrilled to connect with you and delve into your questions, enabling you to take confident steps towards creating your feel-good home.


Remember: Home should be a love letter to yourself!


Warmly, Christine"

Founder & Interior Designer, Localia. Interiors


PS: To make the most out of your consultation, come prepared with as much information as possible, such as floor plans, photos, videos, and inspirational pictures (you can also use Pinterest for this!). Feel free to email me this information after booking your appointment.

PPS: By booking this service you are aware that this is a payable service. You will receive the invoice after booking or pay through the PayPal-Link below.

PPPS: I can't wait to get started!

You will be forwarded to my calendar (Calendly)

Photo credit: Haute'Xposure


"Better Call Christine"

1 Hour Design Talk

Flat Rate in Swiss Francs (CHF)

Creative Brainstorming via Video-Call or Phone Call

CHF 150.00

You will be redirected to PayPal

OR contact me for alternative payment methods


  • 1-hour virtual meeting with Christine: clarify your interior design questions with the expert!

Schlafzimmer_interior design_kommode_stuhl_tagesdecke_Bank_teppich_schatten_interior design_Localia Interiors_interior photography_interior design switzerland_bonsai_photo credit by Haute'xposure

...Full of positivity, creativity, and enthusiasm, she will design and implement ideas that will make a difference and allow you to upgrade your life.

says client Platon, after transforming his rental apartment in Zurich

Photo credit: Haute'Xposure

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