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Airbnb - Holiday Home Staging

Makeover & Tips

Get 5-star ratings and better occupancy rates at your holiday home thanks to the re-styling of your property and tips from your Airbnb-|FeWo traveling interior designer.

Let's reposition your holiday home on the market!

FeWo Staging
Ferienwohnung Staging
Heidiland Tourismus Ferienwohnung Staging

Is your holiday home actually quite modern and yet it lacks something extra special to attract more bookings booked? Would you like to convert unused living space into a holiday apartment?
We can do a makeover / re-styling for you (or if you are yourself a "doer" we will supply you with the instructions and product suggestions), also we will give you carefully compiled tips for an unforgettable guest experience, help you with the implementation (if desired), so then you can look forward to a good workload and 5-star ratings!

Your investment pays off! Thanks to more bookings, you will often soon have amortized the costs. Hurray!

At the beginning this services is noncommittal, so our first conversation on site or by video chat is completely free.

You are the boss and decide what total budget you can make available. Within this framework, we will design a completely new and fresh holiday home for you.

Holiday Home Staging

Package for Doers Includes:

-Free initial conversation on site or via video chat

-Analysis of which furnishings should be preserved

-Design proposal for 1 room

-Instructions on how to redesign your room yourself

and product suggestions


-Personalized and carefully compiled tips for good 5-star hosts

Basic price for 1 room. For each additional room (e.g. bedroom, kitchen/bathroom/WC) we charge a further CHF 400.00)

Book your perfect package right below.



Or Choose the Full Program: 

leave all the transformation to us...

We are also happy to implement the entire project for you, coordinate craftsmen, buy with you / for you, style your holiday home and realize with you the 5-star host tips.

I like to work for you on an hourly basis or we can, after the size of the project is clear, also set a flat rate (cost ceiling) to which I may work for you.

Full Service Holiday Home Staging

CHF 150.00 / working hour (plus travel costs CHF 0.70 / km)​

Are you not sure whether this consultation is the right thing for you? 

Let's talk! Can't wait to hear more about your project.


Holiday Home UPGRADE

Package Prices in Swiss Francs

CHF 750.00

For 1 Room, incl. 50km approach and a video chat,
afterwards plus travel costs of 0.70 CHF / km

You will be redirected to PayPal

OR contact me for alternative payment methods

Holiday home Staging Package for Doers

You will be redirected to PayPal

OR contact me for alternative payment methods

CHF 400.00

per each additional room

Travel costs are already included in the basic package

Additional Holiday Apartment Room Package


... Super professional service from the expert, with honest clarifications and fair prices.
Christine also likes to go the extra mile to satisfy her customers.
I can only recommend the good and friendly service

client J. says

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